Refurbishment services

RIC can handle the complete refurbishment of locomotives, freight wagons or coaches.

  • These services are dealt with by specialized RIC teams working directly in the customer installations.
  • On-site refurbisment is ideal for upgrading tools and equipment as well as training customer personnel.
  • RIC has the capacity, during the refubishment process, to modernize some equipment that has become obsolete and can to carry out remotorization if necessary.
  • RIC offers second-hand, rebuilt, refurbished or serviced locomotives.

Rolling stock fleet maintenance

RIC can handle the maintenance of a fleet of locomotives while guaranteeing the customer a high contractual availability factor.

  • RIC services enable railway networks to obtain optimum operational capacity from their locomotive fleet.
  • RIC works through long-term partnerships with its customers and makes a responsibility commitment regarding the standard of its maintenance.
  • This guarantees that customers maintain their investment in locomotives in perfect working order and benefit from the fullest availability of their equipment inventory, giving optimum operation.