Workshop Equipment

A train maintenance is essential to the safety and durability of the rolling stock. These operations are held in a Workshop also called Maintenance Depot. Here is a list of equipment we can develop, supply, and install in your workshop:

  • Underfloor wheel lathe
  • Wheel press
  • Bearing extractor
  • Train washing machine
  • Spring / suspension test bench
  • Motor part washing cabin
  • Overhead access platform
    (Fix and mobile)
  • Security access for overhead access platform
  • Rail road vehicles
    (for tracks, for catenaries, shunter)
  • Lifting jack
  • Truck (Bogie) lifting hoist for maintenance
  • Brake system test bench
  • Sanding station
  • WC vacuuming system for passenger trains
  • Turning table
  • Crane
  • Grinding vehicle for track maintenance