Lubricators & Tor Friction Modifiers

Rail Industries Canada represents Whitmore, leader in rail and wheel friction and lubrication management. Whitmore® offers an extensive range of high-performance Rail Curve Lubricants, Switch Plate Lubricants and Friction Modifiers designed to keep your equipment running and lasting longer.

Gage Face (GF) Friction impacts:

  • Rail / Wheel Wear (Gage Face, Flange)
  • RCF Developement
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Flange Noise
  • Derailment Potential (Wheel Climb)
  • Lateral Forces (indirect)

Top of Rail (TOR) Friction impacts:

  • Lateral Forces
  • Rail/Wheel Wear (TOR, Tread)
  • RCF Development
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Squeal Noise
  • Flange Noise (indirect)
  • Corrugations
  • Hunting
  • Derailment Potential (L/V rail rollover)

Use friction modifier to get rid of sanding and increase the friction on your Top Of Rail zone (TOR), while at the same time use lubricant on the rail gage in curves or switches zones.

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