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Theses tailor made products are engineered and commissioned on site by Rail Industries Canada.


Rebuilt diesel engine

location: EAST AFRICA

Rail Industries supplies its customers with complete diesel engines for locomotives. These engines are rebuilt and each part is brought to an “as new” status following a very precise process with strict quality control.

  1. The original engine can either be provided by the customer (Repair & Return or R&R), or supplied by Rail Industries Canada (Rebuilt Outright).
  2. The engine follows a complete renewal of all major elements and components (pumps, governor, power assemblies, filters, etc.). All the used parts are stripped down from the original engine and carefully measured and checked in accordance with the OEM specifications.
  3. Once all parts are refurbished, the new assembly can begin with renewed components (or replaced components if the old ones are not re-usable).
  4. The diesel engine is then brought to a test cell where its performance is verified before being painted, and prepared for shipment.


Locomotive Load Box

location: Middle East & South America

A load box allows our customers to study the capability and performance of their locomotive engines by simulating the actual working condition of locomotives at rated output, in static condition.

Locomotives are required to be load tested after component changeout and after a scheduled Inspection. They may also be required to be load tested at other times for troubleshooting purposes.

  • Electrical Cabinets: All units that have selectable HP ranges will come with an electrical cabinet. The size of the cabinet will depend on the number of internal components needed to obtain the desired ranges.
  • A load box can be Portable or Stationary. Portable units are mounted on a new 7ft x 12ft dual axle (tandem) trailer. Most units have welded steel bracing underneath for handling by forklift. All units have steel skids and lifting eyes for ease of placement.
  • All units have a 40ft retractable reel to connect to a locomotive’s 74VDC power knife switch.
  • Lockable Steel Cabinet for Leads: A lockable metal ‘job box’ is optional to protect the valuable leads that connect a locomotive to the load box. This option will pay for itself, if only one lead is lost or stolen.
  • Notes: New Switches, Electrical Cabinets, Leads, Job Boxes, and Wiring are standard unless a special request is made. Painting after fabrication is standard. Custom, special decals, or multiple colors are optional.